Maria Niken Pangesti Ningsih, Mutiara Ayu


Speaking is one of the important skills mastered by students in a foreign language. speaking is a language skill that must be mastered in order to communicate well in the global world. Mind mapping technique can be used to improve students' speaking skills. SMPN 10 Bandar Lampung is a study of the implementation of the technique. By improving a good way of thinking, they can develop the words in their mind well so that they can reveal their ideas clearly and make the others easy to understand. In this research, the students of SMPN 10 Bandar Lampung showed that the teaching technique tested was acceptable to the students. Seeing their enthusiasm when listening to the explanations by the researchers then doing the assigned tasks and seeing the final score results showed that this technique was successfully applied even though it was not optimal. In practice the researchers conducted research in class 7B with 30 students. This research was conducted for two weeks with four meetings and based on the data we can see and concluded that the technique can help students to improve their speaking skill. The score of students is increasing so it means this technique delivered by the researcher is successful even though not all of the students get high scores.


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