Elisabeth Renita Sari, Intan Hamzah


The purpose of this study is to determine whether role play can improve students' speaking skills. The 25 students in grade 5 received treatments over 4 meetings using a one group pretest-posttest approach. A pre-test is created before the treatment, and a posttest is created after the treatment, to help the students reach the goal. The minimum score of students in the first pre-test result is 60.00, and the maximum score is 80.00, with the mean score is 72.40. After conducting the pre-test, the researcher did the post-test with the result that the minimum score is 65.00, and the maximum score is 85.00, with the mean score is 75.20. The mean score in the post-test is discovered to be considerably higher than in the pre-test. If the significant 2 tailed value is lower than 0.05 it means there is a significant increase between pre-test and post-test because significant 2 tailed is 0.02. This studty used quantitative method. It implies that role play is successful in enhancing students' speaking skills.


Keywords: Roleplay, speaking skill, communication, improvement, language

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