Fikri Hilaikal, Achmad Yudi Wahyudin, Mutiara Ayu



Learning at this time has begun to experience developments on how to make a good strategy in teaching, currently, technology, culture, and the economy already have their aspects of learning and one of them is education, especially English, English is not just about speaking but more from that we especially students are required to understand much more about English. One aspect that must be updated in education is teaching techniques, at this time the researcher describes the use and steps in the SQ3R method which was tested in class 10 MIPA 3 and MIPA 4, SMAN 1 Adiluwih Pringsewu, in this discussion the results were obtained by the researcher that the use of the SQ3R method has a significant role in teaching English, especially in improving students' reading comprehension.

Keywords: SQ3R Method, Learning Style

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